Old About Us

Inspired by a journey around the world

In the spring of 2011 our founders Jenna and Charles Jackson packed up their San Francisco apartment and prepared themselves for a year-long adventure around the world. The next twelve months would take them to the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro in Africa, to the bottom of the Americas in Patagonia, to the cities of eastern and western Europe, and upon the rivers of Asia in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It was in these locations that they sought out bags and accessories that would withstand the demanding elements of travel, yet were chic enough for everyday wear back home. Struggling to find bags that were up to the task, they set out to create a line of handbags and accessories that wold be the essential compliment to a life in motion.

Made in Los Angeles

August handbags are made in Los Angeles, at a factory founded and run by women. We work closely with our local partners to ensure quality product and ethical production, and we are proud to be supporting the US economy by bringing back artisan craftsmanship and creating local jobs.

Bags that give back

After seeing a lack of educational opportunities as they traveled, Jenna and Charles recognized a need for greater education on a global scale. We found a beginning for that movement right here in Los Angeles with Operation School Bell.

Operation School Bell gives children the unique joy of many firsts; the first time they've received new clothes; the first time they've worn a pair of shoes that fit properly' the first time they've owned new underwear or new grooming supplies. Operation School Bell gives 11,000 books, 5,500 pairs of shoes/backpacks and 227,000 articles of clothing to more than 5,500 students from impoverished circumstances in the Los Angeles Unified School District. August has partnered with Operation School Bell to provide a backpack for every bag we sell. Join us in the effort to combat homelessness, poverty, illiteracy, drug abuse and crime for the children of Los Angeles