November 06, 2015

vogue.com - "Chic New Travel Accessories for Boarding Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Boats"

"No matter how you get there, however, the key is to keep things chic but compact, especially the essentials. The spontaneous sensibility of the classic American road trip speaks to a more casual sartorial aesthetic—the grab-and-go vibe of clothes tossed in a duffel for a long weekend getaway. Funky pairings like thick socks and matte black Birkenstocks and sturdy staples like the canvas duffel, updated in a more structured shape and with a dark brown leather trim, keep things elevated while staying true to the pared-down, informal roots of on-the-road style. Really, it’s a kind of time travel you’re doing here, too, with easy, chic pieces that help bridge the gap between old-world elegance and 21st-century travel."