Women We Love: Sarah Gibson Tuttle

June 05, 2018
Sarah Gibson Tuttle - nail guru and founder of our favorite nail spot in LA, Olive & June! With Olive & June, Sarah has created an elevated salon experience that leaves you feeling beautiful. Before any sabbatical, a trip to Olive & June is essential for some pre-vacay pampering. We're not only obsessed with this salon experience, but the #girlboss behind it! Read on for the inside scoop on Sarah's travel essentials and more ..  

Best travel experience? Last summer, my friend lent us her home in Laguna for a little one free vacation. We found a spot on the beach that was secluded and just us. I felt like I was in the Caribbean and read over ten books. It was magical.

Worst travel experience? Not sure I can think of a truly terrible experience... When I was pregnant with Noah, we went to Uruguay for a dear friend's wedding. The travel got so crazy that we ended up having to take four flights plus a long bus transfer in between airports. BUT we were traveling to this special wedding and I felt my daughter move for the very first time so even that travel was totally worth it! 

What's on your bucket list? Blackberry Farm 
Tips for traveling in style? Layers, eye mask, packing light (ha! yeah right!) 

Who's your favorite girl boss? Eva Chen 

Hidden gems to visit in your neighborhood? Our Sunday farmer's market in Studio City has everything: the very best almond milk to yummy food to rides for my little one.

Something you can't travel without? My retainers come with me everywhere.

Where are you going next? Breckinridge, Colorado for my brother in law's wedding.

A place where you'll always return and why? Big Sur because it's the most peaceful place in the world and also where I dreamt up Olive & June.

Go to airport / plane outfit? Leggings, a massive hoodie, sneakers and admittedly, sunglasses 

Favorite August bag? The Chelsea