Women We Love: Marcy Campos

July 31, 2018

If you don't already follow Marcy Campos aka 1/2 of @theframe40, get ready for some double-tap worthy content. She is a lifestyle blogger and mother of 3 based in LA. With Canadian roots (Airdrie, Alberta to be exact) and some amazing beauty, lifestyle, and fashion tricks up her sleeve. Read on to find out her best travel experiences, go-to August bags, and more!

Best travel experience? The trip to Mexico where I met my husband, it was magical! Now it is seeing the REAL Mexico (think tiny villages, dirt roads, chickens and dogs in the streets, families just being together laughing and eating in the streets)

Worst travel experience? Getting a flat tire driving to the airport in the Mexican countryside at night, pitch black ... scary!

What's on your bucket list? SO many things .... TRAVEL more! I can't wait to Eat, Pray, Love (with my hubby) my way through France, Italy, and Spain when my kids get a little older. See New Zealand, Greece, Thailand ......

Tips for traveling in style? It's all in the preparation! I pack well in advance so I have everything I need at my finger tips. The right carry-on pieces are crucial!

Who's your favorite girl boss? These days it's Meghan Markle. She is changing the world by just being herself. Strong, Independent, and Classic. Okay .... I still have Royal Fever!

Hidden gems to visit in your neighborhood? There are bluffs that overlook the ocean, it's the best view and I have to remind myself about it all of the time. I rarely take the time to sit and be still, but it's on my list! lol Plus there are some pretty amazing hiking trails right in my backyard that have breath-taking views.

Something you can't travel without? Lipbalm! I hate dry lips!

Where are you going next? Florida (daughter's volleyball!) Right on time for Hurricane Season whoot whoo!

A place where you'll always return and why? Canada - it's where my heart will always be, people are so nice! Plus have to visit my family ;)

Go-to airport/plane outfit? I like classic with a twist! I usually layer because I hate being cold on a plane. You will usually see me in some sort of oversized cardigan or coat with a scarf that can double as my blanket, a pair of nice jeans or leggings with some cute ankle boots or fun sneakers. I will throw in some accessories that will be universal to most of my outfits during my trip.

Favorite August bag? That's hard....I love all of my August pieces. Totes, Cross bodies and clutches! I would say it's a tie between The Capri Cross Body and the Portofino Clutch! The Maiori Clutch is my number one fave to keep my purses organized. I have 3 of them at any given time in my bag!