WOMEN WE LOVE: Brooke Danielson

June 21, 2017
Name: Brooke Ely Danielson
Hometown: Pacific Palisades, California by way of Charlottesville, VA
Currently Living: New York City 
Occupation: Freelance Fashion editor (think: Glamour, Vogue, InStyle - she won't brag but we will!)

What's your all time favorite trip? France and Italy one summer with my family. We went wine tasting in the Burgundy region after a quick trip to Paris. We laughed, ate, drank and lived on a barge for a week without a care in the world. We spent our days riding bikes along the water and taking hot air balloon rides over fields of sunflowers. From France we took off for Italy to take in art, more food and more wine. The best part of the trip was being a family unit, before we all had to grow up and lead busy lives. 

What's on your bucket list? I have a few bucket list trips so it’s really hard to choose just one! First up, Japan. I am dying to visit Tokyo and beyond. Another bucket list trip is a safari in Africa with an extended stay to visit multiple countries and volunteer where needed. Thirdly I want to take off for New Mexico and soak up art, beautiful sunsets and some additional American culture (other than what I have). I want to drive from there through Arizona to the Grand Canyon. I am craving adventure, peace, quiet and escape. Put me on an airplane most  anywhere in the world and I feel alive. 
Favorite August bag? Chelsea, Splatter Snake (pictured above)

How to travel & pack like an editor: Recently I took a trip to Denmark to visit a dear friend of mine, a girlfriend of 17 years, whom I met in boarding school. Her name is Katie and she currently resides in Copenhagen with her husband, Simon, and their adorable pug Alfred. I bought my ticket on a whim after an intense urge to get out of New York City and explore sights across the pond. I feel alive when I travel and literally forget any and all worries back in the big apple.
Confession, I am a tad OCD when it comes to packing. My suitcase is packed by outfit, and all accessories categorized and lingerie neatly packed in a dust bag. Some of my travel essentials are:


  1. My August Clutch (can take this EVERYWHERE and it matches with everything )
  2. A soft set of pajamas from White + Warren
  3. Hydrating face masks
  4. lavender oil
  5. cashmere socks
  6. black skinny jeans from levis
  7. My Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket
  8. Everlane t-shirts
  9. homemade trail mix


Brooke in Copenhagen: 

I am a self proclaimed health nut, so to say I was in my happy place in Copenhagen is an understatement. The city is practically all farm to table and the local markets serve up some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables I’ve ever eaten. Essentially I ate and drank my way through the trip, all while soaking up gorgeous views, architecture and art. Here are some of the highlights of my trip and must-visit places.

On the plane: Reading the Alchemist, and chilling out in my hydrating mask and juicy sweatsuit. Note: I changed into this sweatsuit after takeoff. I get on the plane in normal clothing.

Dinner, night 1: Union Kitchen. They serve up just about the best meatballs I have ever consumed. From salmon balls to chicken balls, they have it all. The avocado salad was out of this world and topped off with pomegranate seeds- the perfect anti-oxidants.

Day 2: My girlfriend Katie and I grabbed a coffee, hopped on the train, and set out for frederiksborg castle. The grounds are impeccable and the interior of the castle is breathtaking. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. This is a must see on your trip to Copenhagen. I suggest bringing sacks so you can sit by the water and enjoy the day.

Day 3: Was spent exploring the Jægersborggade where I sipped delicious coffee from the Coffee Collective.  If you have a dairy allergy and need non-dairy milk options then pop into Damn Good Coffee, which serves up hemp, almond and soy milk. I also purchased pottery from Keramiker Inge Vincents.

On a cold rainy day I took myself to visit the Design Museum. It is full of incredible furniture, art and all around design. I was floored by this vintage Balmain dress from 1986.

A must-see, the Louisiana Art Museum. Best to go when the weather is decent, if not beautiful. I sat out by this sculpture with my friend Katie and soaked up the sun while looking out over Sweden. Tears ran down my face as I was so grateful to be there, present in that moment, and with such great company.

Last night in Copenhagen: My last night in Copenhagen was spent sipping cocktails in great company at Ruby. They are known for their specialty cocktails, and oh how sweet they were. I suggest ordering the Pimms Spring. 



Bon Voyage!