Travel Beauty Must Haves - Hand Picked by Barney's Resident Make-Up Artist

November 18, 2016

We sat down with Barney's Resident Make-Up Artist Patrick Foley, who touches up the faces of the absolute top ladies (and gents) in Hollywood, to learn about his top three must have beauty picks for travel.  

Full disclosure, I met Patrick nearly 20 years ago when he pulled me away from walking out the door looking AWFUL for prom, after getting my make-up done at a make-up counter.  His life saving (it was high school after all) tips and tricks have made me 100% loyal to him ever since and also really show what a kind and caring man he is.  He has created me an every day look, which he refers to as "sexy ballerina", and taught me to do my make-up for my wedding and any event, presentation or date night from 16 to now.  He's definitely my secret weapon!

As you can see from the above pic, his arsenal is FULL of make-up and skin care, so asking him to narrow down to JUST his top three picks for travel was a challenge, but like everything else, he handled it with ease and thoughtfulness. 

The best news?  If you're in LA, you can book an appointment in his private suite downstairs in Barneys!

Patrick Foley's Picks:

1. Tatcha Dewy Mist: "adds moisture and doesn't take away make-up for that fresh, dewey look, even after an airplane ride"

2. 3 Lab WWDay Serum, Moisturizer at SPF ($385): "this is definitely a splurge worthy purchase but it's one product that works as your SPF, Serum and Moisturizer and you won't need to buy anything else.  Plus it feels amazing and light on the face"

3. Cle De Peu Radiant Cream Foundation ($125): "You can build coverage and it will make your skin look flawless"