July 11, 2017

INSPIRATION: We were inspired by a trip that founders Jenna and Charley took to Cambodia, and the beautiful imagery they brought back. Especially at Angkor Wat, the thickness of the jungle intertwined with ancient stone monuments was breathtaking, and we wanted to evoke this idea of man-made architecture being blurred into natural forms. Charley had taken a photograph of the 'iconic' view of Angkor Wat reflecting into the water, and as we started to play around with repeating this image a pattern took shape that was reminiscent of sound waves. We love the way the building becomes an acoustic image, a subtle reference to the cacophony of sound inherent in the Cambodian landscape. 

Technique: We work with an amazing tannery that is always exploring novel ways of working with leather. Their digital printing capabilities are very high quality, and were able to capture the detail within the photograph. To add another layer of texture and also reference the reptilian wildlife around Angkor Wat, we added a geometric lizard emboss on top of the print. Because the design has large areas of white, we made sure the leather finish was durable enough to hold up to daily use, and it can be wiped off if it gets dirty (which happens often in our houses full of kids!) 

Development: The trickiest part of this process was figuring out the scale of the 'stripes' in the print, and making sure that this would translate across the different sizes of bags we offer. It took some trial and error, and LOTS of scale drawings, but we finally got it! 

Result: The final result is a 100% custom leather that holds the story of Jenna & Charley's adventure to Angkor Wat. We love how the pattern reveals more details as you get closer: starting as a graphic soundwave-esque stripe, then resolving to a photo of the building, and finally the lizard texture. In the same way, Angkor Wat reveals more and more hidden surprises the deeper in you go.