EAT SEE DO: Old Salem, North Carolina

January 23, 2017


EAT: Have lunch at Tavern, in the annex next to the actual tavern where George Washington stayed. The menu is based on Moravian fare from the 19th century, and the chicken pie is a must try!

Pro tip: the wait can be LONG!! Either go very early or plan to put your name down and walk around for an hour or more before eating.

SEE: Everything!  Wander up Main Street and duck into each open building – you’ll find people dressed in period Moravian clothing practicing trades like tanning, joinery, shoemaking and more.  Ask any question you like, the people working will answer and expound on the topic, always staying in character. Everything they are making is used in Old Salem – the shoemaker makes shoes for the period costumes the workers wear, for example.  

DO: For a fantastic day trip look no further than the historic town of Salem, the MESDA museum, and the Gardens at Old Salem. The historic Moravian town of Salem has been preserved and restored, and offers an immersive experience into how people lived and worked in the 18-19th century Old South.