Globetrotting - Berlin

January 04, 2016

N A M E: Sabrina Shamouni

H O M E T O W N: Yorba Linda, California

L I V E: Huntington Beach, California

O C C U P A T I O N: Accountant

F A V E   T R I P: Torn between the beaches of Bali, Indonesia and Tulum, Mexico! I love visiting cities like Berlin, but sometimes a relaxing beach vacation is just what a girl needs.

B U C K E T L I S T: Angel Falls, Venezuela

T R A V E L   M U S T S: Spotify playlists available offline on my iPhone, powerbank for your phone, rosebud salve - lip balm.

A U G U S T   B A G: The Peak duffle in black and Chelsea wallet in black are essential in keeping me stylish and organized.


S E E:

Tiergarten Park

Brandenburg Gate

E A T / D R I N K:

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Chaostheorie Berlin

Kumel Espressobar

Betty’n Caty

Eispatiesserie Hokey Pokey

D O:

DDR Museum

Topography of Terror

S H O P:

Bikini Berlin

T R Y: