Globetrotting - Sabuk Lodge, Kenya

December 21, 2015

Going on Safari is a once in a lifetime experience and Kenya offers a wide array of animal life, culture and lodges that range from rustic to luxury.  My hands down favorite spot is Sabuk Lodge (  It's far off the beaten path and run by a local woman of English heritage.  The entire lodge is under the stars with open rooms, mosquito nets are the only thing that stand between you and the incredible stars and frankly, the wildlife (ask the owner to tell you about the leopard that ran off with her friend's small dog one night and how she got it BACK!).  Meals are served family style, which serves for mingling with the owners and the guests alike and hearing incredible stories.  The guides are incredible and you can ride camels and swim in the local river.  While we were there we spotted hundreds of elephants from the open air tub in our room and got to dance with a local tribe.  All of this on top of an incredible safari experience.  

dancing with the local tribe


bush planes and long jeep rides are all part of the adventure of reaching Sabuk.

Our elephant viewing at Sabuk was unparalleled.  This tiny elephant walked right up to our jeep and reached his trunk inside before being calmly shooed away by his mama.  (Ask Verity, the owner of Sabuk, to regale you of the tale of the elephants who attacked a jeep full of nuns).

A lioness and her cub.

My dancing left something to be desired but got a lot of laughter from the locals.

xx, Jenna