Fall weekends, a day on Montana Avenue, LA

February 10, 2015

We’re going to be updating fall weekends away over the next few weeks, hopefully seeing fall leaves and sweaters in photographs (as here in LA we’re working on dark nails and red lips paired with hot weather dressing as our only direction towards fall in the perpetual 80 degree weather).

First up, right in our backyard, MONTANA AVENUE in LA is quintessentially West LA. Lots of shopping, at least three places to get excellent green juice, yoga and pilates studios galore, a Whole Foods and lots of fun shops, bars and restaurants. Grab your darkest LuLu Lemons, comfy yet super stylish shoes and a layering sweater and spend a day on this long, slightly uphill / downhill block!

7AM (it’s LA, you don’t think everyone gets those great bodies sleeping in and eating bagels do you?):

After a long walk overlooking the ocean on Ocean Avenue swing up Montana Avenue and stop at CAFFE LUXXE for excellent handmade coffee.

8AM: Take a quick couple block stroll up the street to KREATION for your first green juice of the day and lots of delicious, organic breakfast options.

9:30: Attend Matt’s famous, fun and celebrity-loved YOGAHOP class behind the William Sonoma in a small, hidden yoga studio. The music, Matt’s energy and flowing yoga style will get you toned, relaxed and excited for a full day ahead.image-13

11 AM: leave the class and head across the street to GROUNDWORKSfor your next Juice of the day! This cute coffee shop has Pressed Juicery, a local company loved by actresses and supermodels alike, inside as well as their own great selection of teas and coffees. May we suggest Roots 2 or Greens 1 for your selection.

image-15Now you’re exercised, stretched and fueled for a full day of shopping in Montana Ave’s great boutiques. Some of our favorites are:

MOONDANCE for exquisite jewelry:


GIGGLE for kids and babies:


and JILL ROBERTS for women’s wear:


But there are so many to choose from with locally made Ts from SPLENDID or cool flats from LONDON SOLE, FOOTSIE for lingerie, and tons more.

1:30 PM: Grab a late lunch (noon will be packed!) at R+D, a local favorite


3 PM: hopefully you’ve bought a couple cute things and you can spruce up for dinner and drinks with a blow out at DRY BARand a lash refresh at NOIR LASH LOUNGE.



5:30 PM: After a luxe day of walking, yoga, green juice, organic food, at least 2 juices, shopping and primping you’re ready for another indulgence. Head early to FATHER’S OFFICE to get a seat and try one of their huge selections of beers and order the burger when you get hungry. As an LA native I can tell you these are the best burgers in LA (we hear you Apple Pan & the Counter)! Just please, please don’t ask for any changes tipping them off to your visitor status! The only choice you have here is… Sweet Potato Fries or Regular Fries with that?