North Shore, Oahu

February 10, 2015

Ever dream of casting off and unplugging from the daily grind of city life and starting over in an island paradise? Here’s a peek into your dream life with 12 hours in


by, Chelsea Wheeler


Good morning sweet serenade of the wind chime, good morning birdsong, good morning North Shore. My days, as often as they can, start with a stretch and a meditation, followed immediately by strong coffee and breakfast on our lanai. Detox to retox at its best. Maybe I’ll throw a little art project into the morning mix, or tend to our new garden, or clean something… but inevitably, morning ends as midday begins with a surf at Kammie’s.
If the size is okay for me, Kammie’s can be perfection. Rarely crowded, easy paddle out, and often speckled with turtles. A glance to the north and we’re looking at Sunset Beach. A peek south and it’s a view of the Waianae Mountain range and the westernmost spot on Oahu, Ka’ena Point. All that, topped with sunshine and clear, warm water.


Poke and rice from Foodland for lunch, or perhaps a treat eat at The Beet Box Cafe or Waialua Bakery, both in Haleiwa. Once we are refuelled, the next order of play for the day may be a hike, yoga class, or garden or surfboard painting project. One important ritual we are pretty strict about is watching the colors of the sunset from a beach perch or the view from top of our street. I’m not complaining, life here is simple.


We love cooking up creative dishes, so we’ll eat dinner at home and invite a couple friends over to enjoy it with us. A few beers later, we will tuck in with a movie and call it an early night… getting ready to do it all again tomorrow on this sweet island paradise.